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Feeder, Mainline and HDD per the power companies' specifications. Transformers, Handhole, Manholes, Street Lights. Maintenance and any new developments.


Our expertise lies in seamlessly installing sleeves for road crossings and strategically locating fire hydrants at multiple points for optimal coverage.


From fusing C900 pipes to addressing all HDPE requirements, including HDD solutions for challenging terrains like street, road, and waterway crossings, we ensure comprehensive sewer infrastructure.

Power Water Sewer

Underground utilities

At Starlink Construction Utilities, we stand as a turn-key, full-service company committed to excellence. With an unwavering dedication to safety, we leverage the latest industry technology, we ensure the successful execution and completion of every project to the highest quality standard. Our extensive fleet, comprised of qualified and well-trained professionals, empowers us to undertake a diverse range of projects. From intricate underground power installations to seamless water, sewer, communications, and fiber projects, our capabilities extend far beyond limits, delivering results that reflect our dedication to precision and innovation.

Directional drilling / HDD

With a strategic focus on safety and advanced technological integration, Starlink Construction Utilities upholds our commitment to excellence in every project. In underground directional drilling (HDD), we demonstrate unparalleled expertise in navigating urban, rural, and complex terrains. Whether it’s highways or marshes, we excel in handling the toughest tasks with finesse. As industry leaders, our cutting-edge machines and skilled operators not only prioritize safety but also ensure on-time performance, guiding us through the most challenging projects with precision and efficiency. Trust us to master the complexities of HDD, consistently delivering safety, expertise, and punctuality in every project.

Directional drilling / HDD

Water Crossings




Joint trench



Urban / Downtown

Highway Crossings

Communications (Fiber / Coaxial)

Multiple Conduit Bundles


Utility Locates

Asphalt/Concrete Repair