2339 Destiny Way Odessa, FL 33556
January 31, 2020

Updated Fleet: Which Backhoe did we go with?

Name a more beautiful sight… We’ll wait.

4 brand new 416F2 CAT backhoes showed up at our yard in tip-top shape. It was such a beautiful sight we admired them for a few hours before we put them to work.

By updating our aging fleet it will allow us to increase productivity. We will have better fuel costs and less maintenance. With the updated equipment comes the latest technology, such as geo-fencing.

With geo-fencing, we can know if the equipment is moved or started at the wrong time. It “creates a virtual geographic boundary, enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area” (google dictionary).

Big thank you to CAT! We are excited to get to work in these new backhoes 🤩.

Directional Drilling Backhoes that will be used for Directional Boring. Starlink is a leader in the underground construction industry.
Brand new CAT backhoes that will be used for directional drilling in the Tampa Bay Area.